High-Frequency Measurements

  • Up to 43.5 GHz On-wafer/Coaxial S parameter and Noise-Figure measurements
  • Up to 50 GHz On-wafer/Coaxial Power measurements
  • W-Band and D-Band On-wafer/Waveguide S-Parameter measurements (MHz to 170GHz except 50-75GHz)
  • W-Band and D-Band On-wafer/Waveguide Power measurements(MHz to 170GHz except 50-75GHz)

Clean Room

  • Fabrication of micro and nano-system prototypes
  • Microfluidic circuits for chemical and biological sensor applications
  • Capacitive Sensors Arrays for sensor and Lab-on-a-Chip Applications
  • Fabrication of RF Microelectromechanic Circuit Elements (RFMEMS Key, Filter, Resonator e.g.)
  • Infrared Sensors/Detectors


  • Characterization of devices with Cryogenic Probe Station, Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer and Thermal Inducing Vacuum Platform


  • DC and mixed signal 1/f noise measurements
  • High frequency noise-figure measurements

DC and Mixed Signal

  • Characterization of high speed and high precision data converters with a 3.3 GHz Clock Generator providing a Low Jitter Clock Source.

IR Imaging

  • IR FPA, CCD and CMOS Imaging and characterization, design verification and optimization

High Frequency Equipments

  • Keysight E4991B 1MHz - 3GHz Impedance Analyzer
  • Agilent E4448A 3Hz - 50Ghz PSA Series Spectrum Analyzer
  • Keysight 4-Port PNA Network Analyzer N5224A 10MHz - 43.5GHz
  • Agilent E8257D 250KHz-50GHz PSG Analog Signal Generator
  • Agilent E8267D PSG Vector Signal Generator
  • Agilent E4407B Spectrum Analyzer 9 KHz - 26,5 GHz
  • Agilent 8720ES S-Parameter Network Analyzer
  • Agilent E4417A Power Meter
  • Kulicke & Soffa 4523A Digital Wedge Wirebonder
  • VDI VNA-Extension Module W-Band
  • VDI VNA-Extension Module D-Band
  • OML Signal Generator Extension Module W-Band
  • Keysight 11970W Harmonic Mixer
  • Agilent E9325A Peak and Avg Power Sensor
  • Rohde&Schwarz ZVL Network Analyzer 9KHz-13.6GHz

DC and Mixed Signal Equipments

  • Agilent 33220A 20Mhz Function/Arbitrary/Waveform Generator
  • Agilent 33250A 80Mhz Function/Arbitrary/Waveform Generator
  • Agilent E3631A Triple Output DC Power Supply
  • Agilent E3632A DC Power Supply
  • Esman Elektronik EMS-420E Stereo Zoom Microscope
  • JBC 132662 113 Soldering Station
  • Agilent U1732A Handheld LCR Meter
  • Agilent E4424B Series Signal Generator
  • Agilent 34401A 6 Digit Multimeter
  • Agilent Infinium DSO9254A 2.5GHz Digital Storage Oscilloscope
  • Agilent 16702B Logic Analysis System
  • Agilent 4155C Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer
  • Agilent Infinium 54810A Oscilloscope
  • Agilent 34970A Data Acquisition Switch Unit
  • Keithley 6221 DC and AC Current Source
  • Temptronic ThermoChuck Thermal Inducing Vacuum Platform
  • Agilent 81160A Pulse Function Arbitrary Generator
  • Agilent 16442A Test Fixture
  • Agilent 10472A 2.5V Clock POD
  • Agilent 104723A 3-State 2.5V Data POD
  • Agilent 10462A 3-State TTL/CMOS Data POD
  • Keysight E4990A 20Hz - 10MHz Impedance Analyzer
  • Agilent 33521A 30MHz Function/Arbitrary, Waveform Generator
  • Agilent 4155C Semiconductor Parameter Analyzer
  • Techniquip 21AC PowerLine Halogen Illuminator
  • Keithley 6221 DC & AC Current Source
  • Motic MLC-150C Halogen Fiber Optic Illuminator
  • Agilent B1500A Semiconductor Device Analyzer
  • Agilent 16442A Test Fixture
  • Agilent 15 MHZ Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator
  • Agilent 20 MHZ Function / Arbitrary Waveform Generator
  • EMS-420E Stereo Zoom Microscope
  • Weller Zero SMOG 2 Soldering Fume Extractor
  • Weller WSD81i Soldering Station
  • Bosch PBD40 Drill
  • Agilent 34970A Data Acquisition/Switch Unit
  • Agilent 34901A 20 Channel Multiplexer
  • Agilent 34903A 20 Channel Actuator/General Purpose Switch
  • Calypso CAD 21 Air Dryer System
  • Agilent 53131A 225MHZ Universal Counter
  • Agilent 4294A Precision Impedance Analyzer
  • Agilent 81133A 3.35 GHz Pulse/Pattern Generator
  • Agilent B2962A Power Source
  • Agilent 16852A Logic Analyzer
  • Pulse Instruments System 7700 Automated Imaging Test Station

Probe Stations

  • Lake Shore Cryogenic Probe Station(Cryofab 50lt Dewar,Lake Shore 336 Temperature Controller, Agilent TPS Compact 9698225 Turbo Molecular Pump)
  • Cascade Microtech Summit 12000M RF Probe Station
  • Cascade Microtech DC Probe Station
  • Karl Suss Analog Port Probe Station

Clean Room

  • Pure Water System
  • Wet Bench
  • RESCUE Sputter
  • Dry Etcher
  • SUSS Mask Alligner
  • Dektak Surface Profiler
  • Furnace
  • Acid - Base Chemical Closet
  • Diener Zepto LF Plasma Cleaner
  • MJ3921 Microscope


  • Keysight Technologies IC-CAP Device Modelling Software
  • Keysight Advanced Design Systems (ADS)
  • Cadence Virtuoso
  • Synopsys TCAD
  • ANSYS EM, HFSS, Workbench
  • COMSOL MultiPhysics
  • Coventor
  • Computer Simulation Techology (CST)
  • Labview

SUNUM (Nanotechnology Research and Application Center)

  • Micro/Nano Fabrication (Clean Room) Laboratory
  • Electron Microscopy & Spectroscopy Laboratory
  • Nanoelectronic & Nanomagnetics Laboratory
  • Materials Characterization Laboratory
  • Genomics & Nanobiotechnology Laboratory
  • Energy & Surface Chemistry Laboratory
  • Advanced Microscopy & Cell Culture Laboratory
  • Microsystems Testing Laboratory
  • Anechoic Chamber
  • Microfluidics & Microthermal System Laboratory
  • Tissue & Regenerative Engineerine Laboratory
  • 3D System Design & Fabrication Laboratory
  • High Resolution Micromachining Laboratory
  • Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences (FENS) Laboratory
  • FENS Material Analysis and Characterization Laboratory
  • For SUNUM website and more detailed information click here