Double PhD Communication circuits for 5G | 28 GHz two-channel receiver, LNA and PA Label-free Lab-on-a-chip Device for detection of cancer risk markers in Blood | Hand-held medical diagnostic device Digital ROIC for Infrared Focal Plane Array | 15um pitch MWIR ROIC with pixel with off-pixel residue measurement Millimeter-wave (30-300 GHz) Imaging | W-Band and D-Band Radiometer Systems, MEMS Switches, LNAs, and Power Detectors Rectenna based solar energy harvesting system | Highly efficient, ultra fast, nano scale Metal-Insulator-Metal (MIM) diode for THz applications Uncooled, Long wave Infrared Imaging Module | Mono-crystal SiGe MQW bolometer detector, High performance 320x240 & Cost effective 80x60 modules

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Phased Array Systems

X-band T/R modules, ultra-low noise amplifiers, power amplifiers, 4- to 7-bit digitally controlled phase shifters and step attenuators, gain equalizers, active/passive switches.

THz Imaging

Total-power/dicke radiometers, wideband/high-gain low noise amplifiers, noise reduction techniques, power detectors, active/MEMS switches, wideband antennas.

5G and Beyond

Full-duplex radio, adaptive self-interference cancellation, high-efficiency techniques for power amplifiers, wideband LNAs, dual polarized antennas.


High performance prototype ROICs for thermal and photodetector based IR-FPAs. Published and patented designs targetted at SWIR, MWIR and LWIR imaging applications.

Data Converters

High precision, fully characterized SAR ADC designs for imaging applications. Under testing and development: time-interleaved, moderate resolution SAR ADC for high speed applications.


Biosensor design, fabrication, packaging and characterization, as well as customized electronic instrumentation development from the initial conception to the final prototype device.

Energy Harvesting

Modelling, fabrication and characterization of highly efficient rectenna based solar energy harvesting devices. The design of ultra fast THz diodes, optical and transient characterization of the devices. Targeted to harvest solar energy at high conversion efficiency.


Design and development of high TCR, low noise, multi-quantum well Si/SiGe microbolometers. Hybridization to ROICs and high vacuum packaging under development. Aimed for LWIR imaging systems.

Our Group

The research objective of our group is to use new technologies, techniques and architectures to develop new integrated devices, sensors/detectors, circuits and systems and explore the continuous advances of micro/nano-electronics to promote their usage and exploitation in real-life application fields.

The group main activities are focused on the development of: CMOS mixed-signal integrated circuits and systems, SiGe-BiCMOS RF and THz integrated circuits and systems and micro/nano devices, sensors/detectors and microelectromechnanical systems (MEMS).

While achieving our research objective, we educate our BSc, MSc and PhD students to become top-level academician, scientist or engineer, who can contribute to science and/or industry by successfully dealing with the challenges and applying the high-level fundamental research and knowledge to advance science and technology.

Prof. Yasar Gurbuz

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